English language musical

In Novmebr 2012 the JFK High school preformed the musical Beauty and the Beast. Even though it was the last show, the theater was packed. One could easily see that the school copied the Walt Disney film. There was a live orchestra that played the songs. The first scene was, like in the film, the handsome prince turning down the old beggar lady and her turning him into a beast. The rest of the film, like already mentioned above, was exactly like the film. All of the actors sang themselves and they all had a great voice. The costumes and scenery were really good as well for a school production.  
The atmosphere was absolutely amazing. After every song everyone clapped and cheered. Everyone was watching with anticipation of what would happen next even though everyone knew what was about to happen. During the break everyone started talking about what they had seen until now the theater was buzzing. Little kids started acting out scenes they had seen in the show up to this point. At the very end everyone burst into an endless applause. Two of the actors said a speech in which they thanked all the people who had worked on the show.

written by Jessica Biggam

My first impression when I entered JFKS was WOW, because all noises which I listened to were in English. Well, that’s no surprise, but I didn’t expect that everybody would be speaking English there. In the Aula it was crowded and everywhere I heard people laughing and talking. When the show started I was very impressed by the good acting and singing of the young actors. The show was very well made and they really paid attention to the least and finest details! As it was the last performance the actors, teachers and the headmistress spoke to us and the whole audience listened carefully to the short-stories and applauded a lot. At last I can say that the atmosphere was a happy atmosphere and everybody was happy to be there!

written by Zoe

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