Read some of the essays our students wrote for the COMENIUS project.

My most attractive activity in the Comenius project was building these recycling figures because it was a ot of fun and I couldn't believe that you could ever make something that pretty just out of garbage. I think that I have learned a lot by this project, for example I don't think so much in these typical clichees anymore and I am aware that we have to watch the envrionment a lot more. In future I would lilke to learn a lot more about other countries and I would like to go on one of the Comenius trips, which I didn't have this time.    Robin

My highlight of the Comenius project was that every time I came into a new family, the family was unbelievably friendly to me. They gave me an own room, showed me a lot of the city, spent a lot of time with me, answered every question I had, showed me the cutlure of the country and so on. It was really great in the families!       Mick


National climate politics

During the Comenius project I learned a lot about the world environment. In this essay I will discuss the problems of global warming a little more.

I know that climate change is currently a severe problem that effects the whole world. For now many businessmen, scientists and politicans want to take action. Germany is trying to reduce the global warming to two degrees celsius. Also Germany has taken steps to reduce greenhouse gases. The aim is to reduce up to 40 percent till 2020 and up to 80 up to 95 percent until 2050, of the might drive’s. This process should be supported by new environmental friendly and energy saving devices for example with solar cells. 2010 an energy-saving concept was defined.

I think after all the excesses, all people should pay more attention to the environment and we don’t have to “trample” over it with our feet. Also I think it is good that the government starts to help the environment, but it’s too long and if nobody helps to save our world, except a few people, we can never stop global warming. But I think we need to do something, we should  work as a team if we want to live longer on this planet!

But not only politicians and companies need to take action, there is something every one of us could do. My suggestions are:
-    We should go on foot instead of take the bus or go by car
-    We should put our trash away and also throw away that of other people
-    We should separate waste and recycle as much as possible
-    Use things again, do not throw away the things so quickly

I think that we can change the world if we just keep together and if we cooperate to save our planet. We only have to go Hand In Hand For A New Wonderful Land!

And sure, there is much more that could be done. And you can be part of it!                            written by Paula


My COMENIUS experience

Hello my name is Magnus Reisberger. I am 14 years old and I have lived in Berlin since I was 5 years old. I have a sister, her name is Eva and she is 14 years old as me. My brother Farin is 13 years old. In my freetime I often play football with my friends and we are doing some funny stuff together. My cat is 18 years old and her name is Line. My favourite lessons are PE and maths.

The Comenius project was very interesting for me. I travelled to Bristol for one week, I had a lot of fun and I learned not only a lot of new vocabulary, but also many facts about living in a sustainable way such as reducing my individual long distance transportation to save the environment. I lived in a family who had a boy and a girl - they were younger than me but nevertheless we did a lot of things together, we had a very good time because we played a lot of Wii and stuff like that.

The city you are going to visit has 3.500.000 inhabitants and it’s the capital city of Germany.
Berlin is a beautiful city and it has a lot of interesting sights to see like the Brandenburg Gate, the Victory Column or the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Probably you are going to see those sights, because we will do a city Tour, I think so and I hope so!


I have not taken part in any of the exchanges, but I heard from my classmates what their highlights and experiences were. One, who went to Konya, told me that his highlight was when they went into a café in which you could play Playstation 4 , what made him really happy, and he told me that his guest family bought him all the drinks so he could play Playstation 4 and drink for free. I guess this is typical for a boy in his age, that he likes to play video games more than sight seeing or museums.     Jonas


But exchanges and trips are not the only things that make the COMENIUS project so educational. We also did presentations, wreot eessays and articles , made objects ut of garbage. My personal highlight will probably be the week when everybody will be here at our school. Although I am not included in next weeks's program I will see everyone on Wednesday at the Language Evening. I am really looking forward to that, seeing all the students who many of my classmates already know, talding to them  just all their cultures combined in on e evening.

I quite enjoyed our participation at the COMENIUS project. Although I was in no exchange, I learned a lot about other cultures amd improvements for a better world.     Ana




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