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P1070549In English, we started a recycling project, which will be presented to the Comenius meeting in March. At first we collected usable trash that we then stored in our classroom. Each group should build an object out of usable trash. The object we were to create had to have something to do with our ecological footprint (pollution, recycling, fossil fuels etc.). The project should encourage people to take more care of their environment.      Samin


My figure is a robot built out of renewable plastic, paper and other trash, what normally is thrown away. But it shows that you can build or produce several things out of trash that we recycle.

In the figure built by Mick, Nic, Joel and Jonas K. I see a monkey. The monkey means in my opinion, that we should care more about deforestation and try to stop it. Otherwise a lot of animals will loose their homes, die and extinct.
Robin T.


This object should symbolize a fountain, but it has as well an “upper level” which is made out of aluminum foil. This should symbolize a solar cell, because I think we should use the energy given by the nature.


We had the idea to create a part of the ocean; we built it with white and blue plastic to symbolize the ocean. We also cut some fish out of gold paper. We put the plastic on wire to stabilize our art figure. We also put a piece of wood on the bottom that it can stand by itself. We wanted to show how much trash is in the ocean right now and that dumping has to be stopped.


Another project I like very much is Robin L. project. Robin made a wooden box with many smaller fractions inside. I think these fractions should represent the different recycling containers and should encourage us to recycle more.


We have created an island where there are a volcano a garden where the mouse lives and there is a little beach where the crocodile lies. The crocodile and the mouse found a way to transform heat of the volcano into electricity and now they can live on the island.


My object is a dragon. We used various different bits and bobs that would normally go into the rubbish bin. We used 2 differently sized bottles for the body and for certain features such as the ears and scales of the dragon. We attached the two bottles together using a paper towel roll and taped it together. We then used 2 firework lids for the ears. After that we made the legs using newspaper, wire and bread clips. I think our dragon doesn’t necessarily help the world however it’s a symbol to protect the world because the world is being cluttered with rubbish and the environment and animals' natural habitats are suffering. This dragon shows how people could be creative and use their imagination and create something out of rubbish.


The robot should symbolize that humans produce so much rubbish, they can't even cope with the amount they produce, which is shown with the rubbish bag that is almost bigger than the robot itself. It is important to look at how much rubbish we actually produce, and if it is really necessary to use that much plastic waste to pack things up, or if we could lower our use of plastic or even use compostable bags which are similar to plastic.


My object shows an old man with a stick walking in a straight direction. Behind him you can clearly see his footprints, starting off with small footprints symbolizing him as a child. The following footsteps grow, each after the other, standing fort the old man growing up such as his needs and his consumption. As an adult he will increase his needs in all aspects; for example: nutrition, clothes, hobbies, materialistic but also for work (school, office etc).


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