COMENIUS conference in Verona

team in VeniceFor five days Myriam, Finn, Kieara and Lea went to the meeting in Verona, meeting students from eight countries. They lived in Italian families and had a very intense time for impressions and emotions. Read more: 

On Monday morning we met at Schönefeld Airport at 08:00am. There were two teachers and four students and we decided to sit for a while in a café to let the time pass by, as we were there two hours early. Our plane did not leave until 09:55am and it took one hour and thirty minutes to Venice, it was a smooth flight and relaxing atmosphere.


We arrived in Venice at roughly 11:30am, we took a bus to the main train station which took about thirty minutes and then a train to Verona which took approximately two hours. After that train ride we took another bus to the hotel, this took 20 minutes. We were in the hotel two hours early, so we left our bags in the hotel and went to get something to eat, as we were all a little hungry. We went to an imbiss and we had pizzas. Little did we know how big they were otherwise and Myriam and I (Kieara) would have shared one.

At 18:00pm we went back to the hotel and waited for our guest families. While we were waiting, people from the other countries were arriving so we went around and got to know them a little bit. At 19:30pm the Italian families came and picked us up. We were all really nervous to meet them because we didn’t know how and what they would act like. My guest family was very nice and welcoming and made me feel at home.

Tuesday the 18th of November

On Tuesday the 18th we met at the Fincato Rosani Secondary School where all the exchange partners welcomed us. From 8.15-10.15 we watched songs and videos about Verona and it’s monuments. Also a Bulgarian exchange student showed us a traditional dance that they do in his country. At 10.15-10.45 we had a coffee break in the school hall where we became acquainted with our Italian host students and the other exchange students the first time. Everyone was very friendly. After the break we took a special bus service to the city hall. While we were driving to the city hall a man told as things about Verona.The bus was really crowded because we were about 80 students. In the city hall a guide told us a lot about the Italian politics.

After this we had lunch in a mountain restaurant where we learned a lot about the other people. After we had regained our energy, we visited the Bertani wine cellars and learned about the wine they produce. After that we went to the Redoro Oil Mill where we saw how oil gets produced. After the long day we took the bus home at 17.30pm.

arena 2 gruppe 2 gruppe vor Palast hello friends
presentation presentation 2 Watching students team in park

Wednesday the 19th of November

We met with all teachers and students of the COMENIUS-Project at the Hotel Maxim at 7.45. We went with two buses, one for teachers and one for students, to Venice. On the way to Venice a guide told us something about Venice. All students were very loud and talked with each other and we sang some songs together.

When we arrived in Venice we walked to the San Marco Cathedral and waited for the guides. We got put into three groups (one for the Italians, one for teachers and one for the rest). Then we went into the Cathedral and our guide told us a lot about the Cathedral. After one and half hours the tour was finished and we went to a restaurant called “Basilica”. We ate pasta with tomato sauce and pork with potatoes.

At 13.30 we had shopping time! We could go through Venice on our own. Myriam, Finn, Kieara and I bought some little things for our friends or family. We walked through the city and realised that we walked the wrong way. So we asked a woman for the right way to the San Marco Cathedral. At 17.00 we met at the Cathedral. There were a lot of doves. Myriam and I ate some cookies and when one cookie fell down all birds came to us and ate the cookie on the ground. The doves were not shy, so all students wanted to touch them.

venice masks venedig 1 IMG 8257 IMG 8238
venedig 2 IMG 8194

When the whole group arrived at the Cathedral we went back to our buses. Then we drove back to Verona (Hotel Maxim). In the bus we made a quiz about all the things we had learned on the tour. The students were much louder on the return journey than on the outward journey. After two hours we arrived at the hotel, where all the parents of the Italian students waited for us. Then all the students went with their guest families.

Thursday the 20th of November

On this day we met at 8’oclock in the school, the first half hour we went with our exchange student in their classes and we could see how they had a lesson. It was not so different to our lessons. Then we went into a recycling workshop to make some earrings. We made them with coffee capsules. We could choose between 4 different colors and at the end we could put some pearls on it. After 1 hour we went to the music room to learn some traditional dances. It was very funny and we danced with every country. After all these beautiful workshops we had a little coffee break with some tea and juice and some cake. Every thing was very delicious and we could talk to everybody.

At 10:45am we went to the auditorium where some countries held some presentations about the Comenius project. It was very interesting. Then some teachers told us that we should go to another room and do a quiz about Europe. They put us in some groups and we started the quiz. Everybody was very good in the quiz. We all were very hungry so we went to the school canteen. There we ate some pizza but it was not so good, because it was canteen food.

In the afternoon we went to a recycling laboratory to learn a bit about animals and plants and made some bracelets with trash. We also went into the arena in Verona.  After this we all were tired, but we could only go home for 1 hour because we met at 8pm again for a big dinner. At 8pm we all met at school again. We all had a great dinner together, we also danced and played some games. After the dinner the Italian people gave us some presents. It was such a great night, but it was also sad because it was our last night in Verona.  

Friday the 21st November  

On Friday we had to leave Verona and our guest families. It was a very emotional time at 08:00am in the morning because everyone had received lovely gifts from their guest family and didn’t want to leave. My guest family was so nice and I was so upset that I was leaving. Not only did this upset us but also the amount of great friends we had made throughout the week and we would be leaving behind. The return journey was the same as the outward journey, the only thing that was different was that we had a later flight and spent four hours in the city of Verona before departing. We have some great memories and lots of photos from Verona and I’m sure it is an experience that we will never forget and might not have the chance to do again.




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