COMENIUS Fahrt nach Sevilla


What ist better than meeting new friends one on one, be talking in English, Spanish, German, Italian learning to count in Bulgarian or basics like "Thank you." in Slovenian, Polish, Turkish or Hungarian? We have met the students of our partner schools in Sevilla in Spain and enjoyed being a guest in the Spanish families. And what a wonderful school hall with bushes and flowers? We haven't seen anything like that yet.

Communication needs hands and gestures, it needs pictures and computer translators, it needs sympathy and understanding, but it is amazing what it can give you: Tons of new friends, happiness and laughter, images not to forget, new tastes and styles, traditions presented straight by your new friends, delicious food and beverages, calm nature and lively city centers.


Sevilla029 Sevilla008 Sevilla007 Sevilla009 
Meeting our hosts In the school hall At the conference Preparing T-shirts
Sevilla012 Sevilla001 Sevilla002 Sevilla006
The COMENIUS team Our Wilma team At the mayor's office The shirt is finished.

At the conference we were presented the collection of weather reports from all partner schools, taken in the first week of April. You find a summary of that on the project homepage . The center part of our conference was preparing T-shirts about our environmental topics. Since we had worked on deforestation as a topic to be presented in the Bristol meeting, we prepared a T-shirt on the same topic and chose "Trees are gold for our world" as our slogan.

Sevilla027 Sevilla026 Sevilla017 Sevilla018
At Sevilla Cathedral Sharing happy moments communication A communication B
Sevilla025 Sevilla022 Sevilla023 Sevilla028
  Flamenco Flamenco with horse  
Sevilla024 Sevilla003 Sevilla005  
El Rocio World exhibition grounds Alcazar, the King's palace  

There is so much else to tell about our trip, but maybe the pictures have given you an impression already. We were sightseeing in Sevilla, of course, and also outside. So we travelled to El Rocio, an old place of pilgrimage where more than one million people meet for a procession at Pentecost (Pfingsten). On our way to the Atlantic we stopped for information and a walk through the famous Coto de Donana National Park, which had some resemblance with Brandenburg areas, only more mediterranean. At school we were presented flamenco dances by several students and, interesting to notice, by a senora and the senor riding and leading his horse to the music. Well, as I said at the top of the page, better you join us and experience yourself the treasures of our EU sponsored COMENIUS meetings.


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