COMENIUS Fahrt nach Konya/Türkei

Mevlana KonyaWhen the Konya travellers spoke about the trip in class, I was very interested in the individual insights of the culture and experiences with the host families. I enjoyed watching the video of all the Turkish children dancing with our students. All in all I think it was a recommendable trip and an enjoyable way of learning about life, tradition and school in Konya. We were told the hospitality of the hosts and all the students they had met, were unbelievably overwhelming -  it must have been terrific! (Foto: Wikipedia)


Im Rahmen unseres von der Europäischen Union geförderten COMENIUS Projekts fuhren wir vom 05.-09. Mai 2014 nach Konya/Türkei und besuchten die Büyükbayram Oberschule. Die TeilnehmerInnen wohnten in Familien, wurden dort versorgt und betreut. Wir hatten ein gemeinsames Programm mit den Schülerinnen und Schülern unserer Partnerschule und trafen uns täglich in der Schule zu gemeinsamen Aktivitäten. Mehr über unser Projekt erfahren Sie auf/ Read more about our COMENIUS Project on forawonderfulland.

I was very excited the first day, because I met a new person. When I saw Lina I got more and more excited. I like Lina and my family like her very much, too. We have many photographs of all of the activities and we had a lot of fun. We were accustomed to her but she had to return to her country. It was  the best five days in my life. I have already missed you, Lina and all the other friends. (Bahar Çil)

For me it was a very special time. I got to know a lot of young people and a beautiful country. The people are very helpful, friendly and humorous. I hope others will be able to do this trip, too. We had a nice time, which you can see in the pictures.(Cassandra)

After arriving at Konya Airport we took a school bus to Büyükbayram School. There we had a yummy breakfast with börek, juice, cake and loads of other tasty stuff. In the photograph we have just finished our breakfast and are about to go out for the welcoming show. (Samin) Konya006 This is our first day , we had breakfast in our teachers’ room. We met our guests. We were very excited. (Aslıhan Cingöz)

In the second picture, we visited a public school. This was a class which had a German lesson. We asked them a few questions and talked with them as much German as they could understand. After that we visited a few other classes and took a look at the beautiful and clean school. (Laurent)

Konya004 We visited Dumlupınar High School and our guests met with high school students. After that visit we went to our house and had a rest. (Esma Hayal Avcı)

In picture number 3 you can see children of Büyükbaram's kindergarden, performing a dance for us. Before they started dancing, we additionally had some other shows and dances presented by students of different grades; such as a traditional Turkish folk-dance, a welcoming dance from the very little ones and the singing of the Comenius anthem.

Since it was time for the children to present what they have prepared for us, they all dressed up in red and white dresses, representing the colours of the Turkish flag, which they waved during the dance. Their show was called 'The Butterfly' because of the girl in the middle who was connected to the dancers by having bands knotted around her hips. This picture reminds one of a butterfly. After they had performed, we started to play random child games like 'sackrace' with them. (Adina)

Konya007 This show was really enjoyable because I think the small children’s show was made by sweet boys and girls. (Sıtkı Akkan)
We got implemented into the show of the Büyükbayram Ortaokulu students by playing games. It has been great fun, especially because nobody has ever laughed about anyone. The winner, the second and the third will come to the entrance stairs and will get applause from the whole school. (Laurent) Konya002 We played a lot of funny games with our guests which was fantastic. (Esma Hayal Avcı)

On the festival day there was a performance of 6 musicians with long red robes and head dresses that reminded me of the sultans´s crown. The robes where adorned with gold and the colours of the red and white Turkish flag showed on these outfits. Six musicians in total, one of them played two huge red drums in the middle, on both sides two middle sized drums where played by two other musicians, two flute players and one singer made in the total band. (Alus)

Konya012 We watched and listened the Band of musicians. (Esma Hayal Avcı)
Here we are planting small fir trees in the hills together with our Turkish friends. The foresters have already prepared everything for us to make it easier. I liked it very much and it was fun, because a lot of us had never done anything like that before. (Nic) Konya010 We planted trees altogether. It was really enjoyable. We have a Comenius Memorial Forest from now on. (Aslıhan Cingöz)

On one of our excursions, the plan was to visit a small town outside Konya. We found more pleasure in climbing the nearby hill till the top. Before climbing the hill, I bought a huge melon which we shared on top of the hill, the taste of this Turkish melon plus sharing it with our friends was great. (Alus)

Konya011 Climbing the mountain in Sille. Niclas,Emil, Mustafa, me and some other friends climbed that mountain. It is a good memory. (Sıtkı Akkan)

In picture number 8 you can see us standing in one great line waiting to enter a miniature world showing the most famous building of the Osmanic Empire included having a Disney village and a dinosaur park. We stopped there after our exhausting trip to Sille Village and took the time in the miniature world to have a look at the small sight seeings and being charmed by Disney's representing figures. (Adina)

Konya008 We were waiting in a queue to enter the park.

I enjoyed the miniature world very much because it was outside. I liked walking around and taking pictures of this very special fairytale world. Anyways, I think that was the perfect and most relaxed ending after a hiking tour. In the evening we even went to a very special and famous show. (Adina)

Konya003 The dinosaurs were realistic and the miniatures were just the same as the real ones. It was the first time for me to see that park and it is a good memory to come to that park with our German friends. (Sıtkı Akkan)
A calm, slow, meditative highlight for every tourist coming to Konya. For us going off season it was for free. Through the program flyer we were informed about the meaning of every movement, every step and every symbol of the ceremony. It was very beautiful. (Ralf) Konya009 Sama ceremony… it was a slow show, but it was amazing. (Aslıhan Cingöz)

Then we went to a fan room of Konyaspor (the football club of Konya which is ranking 12 in the Turkish Supraleague). We took photos in that room, asked the president of the fan club some questions. The Turkish students also sang songs, they sing in the stadium when they watch Konyaspor playing. We sang “Ha ho he, Hertha BSC”. (Jonas)

Konya001 Konyaspor sports club. ooooooooooo green- white Konya spor :) I like this! (Aslıhan Cingöz)
Eventually we have been trying to dance in the vice principal's office. It is the last day of our exchange and we don't just want to sit there an be sad, so we are dancing to Turkish music.  After that we are having an extended dancing lesson in front of the school building to have all of us dancing in one circle. (Mick and Ralf) Konya005 After an amazing week with the German friends they had to go back. I wish I can meet you again. Good bye, dear friends. (Esma Hayal Avcı)

My highlight was a connection of the pictures 7-10. In fact, that was our program for Wednesday. As I have reported before, the day started with a tour to the historical village called Sille. To give you a clue how important this village was back then; I give you closer information:

During the Roman period, Sille, also called Sylata or Sylla, was one of the most important settlements when you travel from Jerusalem to Istanbul. But actually, really famous and historical noticeable, Sille became as Helen, the mother of Constantine The Great, has been there and invented, constructed and built up the still existing Hagia Elenia Chruch, which we have visited as noticed above. Furthermore Sille was a town dependent to the capital Konya, under the regime of the sultans period. Additionally, as mentioned above, during the population exchange, according to the practice of suppressing the, mostly, Christian religion, many Christians emigrated to Greece. That huge amount of happenings in Sille, made it one of Konya's most historical and cultural villages, which is popular for tourists nowadays.

Since of this impressing and interesting history, I was curious to be in Sille and excited at the same time. I couldn't wait to explore the village by myself. Therefore my friends, my host sister and me visited the church, which had a very Greek-orthodox inspired architecture; means the Christian influence was noticeable. It was beautiful and foreign, which made it mysterious and new. After taking nearly a thousand pictures we continued our tour but this time up the mountains. In company of our teacher, we climbed up to the caves of the mountains first. Many years ago, the Christians used these caves to hide from the Muslims and to have a place to be safe. I liked the caves; they reminded me of a labyrinth, where you can play hiding games perfectly. But that wasn't enough!

I wanted to reach the mountain's top. Together with some Turkish students and my friends we started climbing, which wasn't that easy for me, because I had flat shoes on, which made climbing up even harder. Nevertheless it was a great challenge for me, although I fell down so often and once even with the result of a landslide. I can tell you that wasn't funny – I had sand all over my body and even in the side bags of my jackets! But still I continued climbing since I wanted to be as high as one can get doggedly.

On my way up I met a beautiful blue-metallic lustrous scarab, that I called 'Ra'il' which means poisoned in Hebrew. Furthermore I fell down again but this time on a hideous scorpion, which was nude coloured, ugly, small and dangerous since it was poising deathly. We screamed and ran away but first I had to bring him the stone back, the one I fell over, since I destroyed his home. The scorpion I called 'Mecho'ar' which means simply ugly in Hebrew. Well maybe I see these two animals, which I gave names again one day. Finally we arrived at the top of the hill. Wow, it was so beautiful, breathtaking, stunning. I could see all of Konya! I was able to even look above other hills and high buildings. Being up gave me a feeling of freedom like a bird has. I wanted to ran in the other direction against the horizon on the left, because I was curious what was behind the other mountains.

Sadly, we had to come back on the ground, because our tour continued to the miniature world in picture 8 and 9. For the perfect ending of such an adventurous day, we have been visiting the Dervish dancers, as we have been to their religious ceremony in picture 10. It impressed me how the dancers built up a connection to Allah in their kind of own world. Turning circles like dolls and different feelings in their face, I liked giving these figures characters and features to separate them from each other. Sounds childish but it is fun. I really enjoyed this day very much. I have been able to see so many new and interesting things, that at the end of the day, I was delighted and overwhelmed by all these great impressions.

Written by Adina



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