Poems about jobs and careers

P1000880For our presentations about dream jobs, careers, universities, voluntary years etc. we created poems. Enjoy reading them!

Classes 9.1 and 9.2



Since she was young she had a dream,
she wanted to work in a team.
Being a volunteer,
making career,
there was no reason to scream.

Louisa 9.1 about ICB

A Carpenter works with wood
and if you don't understood why don't you just look.
If a carpenter cuts his finger he won't start to snigger
If the Doctor says the wound is still raw
he won't drive home with car.

By Janko Burow, 9.2

To play sports Cornell is the way.
There are dorms and great places to stay.
Whether rowing on the lake,
Or enjoying your Spring Break,
I’d choose Cornell any day.

Saede 9.1 about Cornell University

Her camera was her treasure,
it gave her lots of pleasure.
Day and night,
it gave her sight,
she protected it to every measure.

Maureen and Joyce J. 9.1 (Photographer)

Have an apple always next to your staple
But never forget
Just sometimes don't touch the chocolate
If you're paying from your wallet
But please not for McDonald

Cagla 9.1 about Health Coach

I turned my computer on,
but the code was wrong.
wanted to design,
the media of mine,
but all my files were gone.

Maureen and Joyce J. 9.1 (Media-Designer)

As a pilot you have to fly,
very high,
make sure that you get,
your big great jet,
into the sky.

Nic Altendorff 9.2 (pilot)

This is a presentation of mine,
A new powerpoint presentation to design,
So you can see,
One, two, three,
A voluntary social year is fine.

Leonie Fricke 9.1 (social year)

I once had a fall
from a low wall
my brain was dizzy
and from then on I was busy
I am a brain Dr. on call

Alus Pysall 9.2 (brain doctor)

In my career I want to own money
and I want to buy a least some honey.
I want to live where it’s sunny,
because with sun and money it’s funny.
In Germany I want to live with friends and listen often to good bands.
I also want to travel and for travel you also need a prosperity level.

Finn Tidwell 9.2

Morning Mrs Schuster,
Oh my God-here comes the booster.
Arriving on concrete-
somebody to bring the heat.
Rising your Hollywood rock-
being able to stand out of the flock.
Don't wait 'til you're announced,
Blast 'em away,
Let's get loud!
Roses watch 'em grow-
get on your suit, tie 'n bow,
Ready to knock them out?
Be yourself and be proud!

Adina 9.2

My desired occupation
is to be in a conversation
I want to be a lawyer
because I would be my own employer
I don’t wanna get stuck in my career
So I go on without fear.

Robin Lewitzki 9.2 about lawyer

Biology is amazing
but also separating.
There are more than 1000 sections
I believe they all exist,
My dream is to discover them
as a Biologist

Leona Kassa 9.2 about biologist

First I want to do my Abitur,
then I want to draw some caricature.
After this I search for a job,
something nice, not a cop.
With the job I will earn some money,
my life will be funny and sunny,
Want to find a job which is great,
and hope I get a real good grade.

Jonas Rohana 9.2 about his career

Ecological work is important for you,
to make the planet more blue.
There are million people who need your help,
so stop thinking only about yourself.
Go and stop dreaming,
and help the people who are screaming.

Ana and Myriam 9.2 about ecological volunteers

I like to visit Disneyland,
if you like to come with me, just take my hand,
Maybe we can walk a while together?
Or maybe forever?
Flowers shine brighter than ever.

Isabel Buchmann, 9.2 about Disneyland

If you´re up at the breaking of dawn
and all notions of sleep have just gone
Go out for a short jog
In rain sunshine or fog
You will soon regret you were born

Max Oppert 9.2 about running

Working is cool, not only in school.
Workcamps are not for fools,
you play, you learn.. workcamps are really cool !
During the day you help building houses higher,
and in the evening you sit around the fire.
The two weeks are over today, but still it was a lovely day.

Laurent C.-Atmadi 9.2 about workcamps

It's a new year
And I would like to volunteer.
It´s great,
I can`t wait
To be a social volunteer.

Carolin Braun 9.1 (social year)



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