Practice Peace

image018In the following I will talk about the sponsored project "Practice Peace". It is a project about getting to know how politics works and what the job "politician" is about. From the 24th of November till the 1st of December I really had a nice time. The week had the topic Northern Ireland conflict. The group contained 28 people (without teacher): eight from Palistine, eight from Israel, six from Poland and six from Germany.

Prearranged we all were assigned a role of a real Northern Ireland politician and thererefore belonged to a specific party. We had to get into our role and represent the will of our party. Twice a day every party had the chance to talk about solutions and actions and afterwards the whole group voted for them.
I met amazing people, nice and friendly. I met open-minded and special personalities and I really liked to meet all these people from different countries and cultures. I am very glad that I had the chance to do such a nice workshop and I really hope that the second workshop of Practice Peace (we are going to Israel) will be able to take place. I learned so much about myself and other people, about discrimination and judging. It was an amazing, but also exhausting week and if you will get the chance, take it and also have such a nice experience, like I had!                                                                     Ariane Gartmann, Englisch 12. Jahrgang

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