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Am 24. 4. 2012 oran_etkin_3kam der Musiker und Grammy Preisträger 2012 Oran Etkin zu uns an die Schule in die Theaterwerkstatt, um Schülerinnen und Schüler des 7. Jahrgangs, des 9. und 11. Jahrgangs auf musikalischem und interaktivem Weg Mali, den Jazz und die englische Sprache näher zu bringen.
Für die Technik und Veranstaltungsorganisation war Gregor Nicolai aus dem 11. Jahrgang zuständig. All about the concert:

On the 24th of April, 2012 came the musicians and Grammy award winners to our school. In our theatre workshop the band gave a concert for us. The band consists of three men from different countries. The first one comes from Israel and plays the saxophone and clarinet and he likes to sing. His grandparents came from Poland. The second one comes from Mali, which is in West Africa. He also likes to sing and he plays the balafone, which is a kind of a large xylophone. The third one comes from Austria and he plays the cello and bass. They speak English and they are very friendly. The other two men had known him only since the day before. They live in New York. Klezmer is a traditional Jewish music. All musicians have a deep connection to music and they like to improvise their songs.

They sang in an African language. Some words or sentences we should sing or speak, for example: “ke ke ke lemo, ke ke ke lemo….” And we should clap our hands in a certain rythm. They play jazz music. They came to our school, because they wanted to make us curious about the English language, the jazz music and the interactive way to Mali. Gregor Nicolai from the 11th year played the drums. At the end we were able to ask questions.

I found it exciting to listen to what they told us. I personally like the African language very much. When they sang I was enthusiastic. But some of the sounds of clarinet or saxophone, I found too shrill and high and it hurt my ears. But other than that, I found the concert very good and interesting.                                                               Text by Lea Fischer

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