Unser Beileid nach Oslo

oslo_1Dear students and teachers of Branfjell Skole in Oslo,

during the summer holidays we were seriously shocked when we heard about the dreadful attack on the Isle of Utoya where so many young and innocent people were killed by a man obsessed with an awful idea. His deeds for saving the country from “Marxism and the Islam” became the nightmare of a whole island and destroyed the lives of many families. The youngest people he killed were fourteen years old, the same age as many of our students are.

All of us were away from school, probably on holidays, when the tragedy happened. When we first heard about it we couldn’t believe the news. It was far beyond our imagination. The more facts we got to know, the more we were shocked by what humans are able to do.

We felt a strong and deep sorrow for the families and friends of the victims immediately. So we want to let you know our solicitousness and that we share your country’s grief. We’d like to express our condolence and our support to the Norwegian society. Branfjell Skole was our partner school in a Comenius project and hopefully has no victims to bemoan.

The families’ endless pain should never be forgotten and stay in our remembrance to make us aware of the dangers of Racism and Nazism. We have to defend the liberty and freedom of our countries.

Students and teachers of Wilma-Rudolph-Oberschule, BerlinOslo_Antwort

The answer from Oslo (to Ralf Bernegg, COMENIUS teacher)



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