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File:Doener berlin kraeuter.pngBerlin is famous for all kinds of foods, for example Currywurst, Kassler, Eisbein and Buletten...

The food Berlin is mostly known for is the döner kebap. There are over 1.300 dönerstores in Berlin. Inside a döner kebap there is meat(it kan be lamb, mutton, calf, beef, chicken or turkey), salat, red cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, sauces like garlic, herbs and chilli, all that is inside toasted flatbread. The name dönerkebap comes from the word: domek, that means to turn and kebap, which means the fried. The döner kebap was invented by Mehmet Aygün in 1971. Mehmet just came from Turkey to Germany, he was 16 years old and worked at his uncles restaurant. The following picture is a typical döner:     doener_berlin_kraeuter.jpg:Photographed by Sarazyn, derivative work: Itzuvit(talk), source wikipedia

Robin Tjaden

len UE-unie 0In 2016 Turkey joins the EU because all the EU states agreed. Many of the Turkish people don’t want this and they make a big demonstration because they think that Europe is unbelieving because Europe there are mostly Christians and in turkey mostly muslem. And they don’t want a new currency (Source: Wikipedia).

Economical:File:Leopard 2 A5 der Bundeswehr.jpg

Germany earns a lot of money by selling subs or fregates to South Korea, Greece and South Africa. Germany is the third biggest exporter of war technology with 9% after USA (30%) and Russia (24%), but Germany also buy war technologiy, for example in 2012 Germany bought drones for 40 million euros from the USA.

The Social Environment

The social environment refers on the you're family you're friendsa and the people you see every day on the sidewalk. The environment is build up by there cultutre there networks or institutiones.

To enrich his life, man has used natural resources and in the process he has brought about many changes in the natural environment.

 People with the same social environment often develop a sense of social solidarity; they often tend to trust and help one another, and to congregate in social groups.

They will often think in similar styles and patterns even when their conclusions differ. The exchange between diffrent social circles often take place by communicatrion media. The social status is often connected with clothing.

A social circle is a group of socially interconnected people.


European Identity

When it comes to European identity, everybody has different statements to it.
Some people praise the political system with its social liberality and the distinctive economy. Others can't imagine living in this kind of country where you have to support every member of the EU, that is bankrupt when Germany has depts itself.
But the main question which should come in your mind by reading the upper part is, what exactly is an European identity?
Now, there is another question; are the example given statements actually mentioning our subject European identity? No, I'd say this is more European politic – which I am hardly interested in. Are you?

File:Culinary fruits front view.jpg

Many people in Germany are trying to lose weight or eat "healthier". Some of them use food plans of the internet, some try to build up their own plan and some people go to proffessional "diet advisors". Many women want to lose weight just because they want to look like all the models or other beautiful women they see on tv, in letters or on billboards and not to live healthier. But these girls are mostly addicted by computer, but for the normal women they are their beuty ideal.

Flaggen;  Copy: European Union

Europe is a continent with 47 countries, in the EU there are 28 countries. All Countries in the EU have a democratic Government.

Today the EU is very stabile the Countries in the EU got the same Currency and trade martially and food. Not only in terms of sovereign state members are independent but also
- and especially - in cultural, educational and social issues. Customs, traditions and language are a matter of the individual members. Ensure that the EU continues to seek for diversity and not to a unified culture.

But the EU also got some problems: 10 countries with significant economic development is lagging behind, 27.5 billion in costs for the extension to 2006, Development of exchange rates, a "Big Mac account" as big as ever.

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2d/Currywurst-1.jpg Like all cities Berlin has restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries, butcheries and much more. All these are food sources found outside our homes.

Like most cities Berlin has a good deal more fast food restaurants then any other kind of restaurants. McDonald's, Burger King, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) are common in Berlin like in all big cities. Pizza Hut may be common in the U.S.A, but exists only five times Berlin. Domino's Pizza and Pizza Max are pizza services that are only Germany. Also a very common Fast Food  which the Turkish alien employees brought to Berlin is called Döner Kebap (http://www.spiegel.de/panorama/gesellschaft/doener-erfinder-kadir-nurman-ist-tot-a-930140.html).


About 14 percent of men and 12 percent of women in Germany have a Body Mass Idex of more than 30 kg/m2 and are therefore overweight. On the other hand according to estimates, about 100,000 15 - to 30-year-old German´s suffer from anorexia. Reasons for the growing "fast food-to-go-lack of culture" or the unhealthy eating habits are, according to the survey, the lack of time, lack of perseverance, and the lack of desire to eat healthier.

Many diseases are associated directly or indirectly with the diet. Especially the so-called endemic diseases, diabetes mellitus, obesity and cardiovascular disease. However, some forms of cancer are affected by certain nutrients.
Alus Pysall,       Bild/Quelle: Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung

349-fotobase24-34571ivVbfmszqX7j6itBgGwI4yrZ.jpgGermany is one of the most athletic countries in Europe. Half of the public goes to sport once a week at least for half an hour. 36% go to sport more than once a week. The best liked spots in Germany are biking (50%), swimming (49%) and jogging (28%). They also do sports in the holidays. 77% of the Germans go on a sporty holiday.


okolica opb 1.r 15.10 (10)Cleaning our school surroundings

MENTOR: Anuša Blažko, prof. lik. umet.

October 14, 2013

For many years, in our school we have taken care of clean surroundings, as we wish our children to play and learn in such environment. Every month we organize a cleaning action, in which our pupils and teachers see to cleaner and more beautiful external school surfaces. In October the cleaning was carried out by our first graders.

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