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comenius-llp-logo-jpgFor more information go on our project homepage forawonderfulland.

For two years, the project objectives will encourage students and teachers from partner countries to work together on an important topic for all: Changing the cultures for a wonderful environment. Nowadays, environment issues have become more serious. It’s very important for us to protect the environment. Good environment can make people feel happy and fit. To improve the environment means to improve our life. Therefore, human beings can protect the environment in three ways:

Read some of the essays our students wrote for the COMENIUS project.

My most attractive activity in the Comenius project was building these recycling figures because it was a ot of fun and I couldn't believe that you could ever make something that pretty just out of garbage. I think that I have learned a lot by this project, for example I don't think so much in these typical clichees anymore and I am aware that we have to watch the envrionment a lot more. In future I would lilke to learn a lot more about other countries and I would like to go on one of the Comenius trips, which I didn't have this time.    Robin

My highlight of the Comenius project was that every time I came into a new family, the family was unbelievably friendly to me. They gave me an own room, showed me a lot of the city, spent a lot of time with me, answered every question I had, showed me the cutlure of the country and so on. It was really great in the families!       Mick

P1070549In English, we started a recycling project, which will be presented to the Comenius meeting in March. At first we collected usable trash that we then stored in our classroom. Each group should build an object out of usable trash. The object we were to create had to have something to do with our ecological footprint (pollution, recycling, fossil fuels etc.). The project should encourage people to take more care of their environment.      Samin

Here you find the brochure about the art projects of all the nine project schools from all over Europe.

team in VeniceFor five days Myriam, Finn, Kieara and Lea went to the meeting in Verona, meeting students from eight countries. They lived in Italian families and had a very intense time for impressions and emotions. Read more: 

On Monday morning we met at Schönefeld Airport at 08:00am. There were two teachers and four students and we decided to sit for a while in a café to let the time pass by, as we were there two hours early. Our plane did not leave until 09:55am and it took one hour and thirty minutes to Venice, it was a smooth flight and relaxing atmosphere.

selfieI attended the Comenius meeting in Marcali, Hungary as a part of the Project “Hand in Hand for a Wonderful Land”. It is an event where six different nations meet each other, sharing their school projects for an environmental improvement.

For me, it was a really memorable exchange trip. I had a friendly host family and I enjoyed the few days. I collected a lot of experiences. At first it was not easy to communicate with each other, because my host family didn’t speak English, just a little bit German. But after the first days it was easier to talk with them. I have even learned a little Hungarian. The people in Hungary were really friendly and they made a big effort that we all feel welcome to their school.


At our COMENIUS conference in Sevilla, all the partner teams from Bulgaria, Hungary, Slovenia, England, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Italy and Poland painted a logo and a slogan on T-shirts to express their deep interest in the protection of our environment. So we were kind of painting hand in hand for a wonderful land, for our future and for the sole planet we have to establish our lives.


What ist better than meeting new friends one on one, be talking in English, Spanish, German, Italian learning to count in Bulgarian or basics like "Thank you." in Slovenian, Polish, Turkish or Hungarian? We have met the students of our partner schools in Sevilla in Spain and enjoyed being a guest in the Spanish families. And what a wonderful school hall with bushes and flowers? We haven't seen anything like that yet.

Mevlana KonyaWhen the Konya travellers spoke about the trip in class, I was very interested in the individual insights of the culture and experiences with the host families. I enjoyed watching the video of all the Turkish children dancing with our students. All in all I think it was a recommendable trip and an enjoyable way of learning about life, tradition and school in Konya. We were told the hospitality of the hosts and all the students they had met, were unbelievably overwhelming -  it must have been terrific! (Foto: Wikipedia)


carbonfootprint wwfOur students went through the questionnaire of a footprint calculator (http://www.footprintnetwork.org/de/index.php/gfn/page/calculators/) to find out how many globes would be needed if all the people lived the same life style as we do. Finally they evaluated their results to find a way to decrease their footprint = consumption.

Tebogo, our exchange student from South Africa: "My Ecological Footprint was based on my life style back in South Africa. It represents how I live my life and how much effect I have on the environment. The online test had a lot of general questions based on your consumption of meat, electricity and how you manage your recycling. Meat was the biggest consumption, because I eat meat every day. In South Africa we don't use recycling.

What is the westher like in forawonderfulland? Check our table for the week of March 31st to April 6th. (draft)

006 schule2 bialystok
Ajdovscina: 21°C, sunny, no wind, no clouds, no precipitation Berlin: 11°C, slightly cloudy, light winds, dry Bialystok: 8°C, cloudy, light winds, light rain in the early morning

Ajdovscina thanksFrom the 10th to the 14th of March 2014, we went by airplane and bus to Slovenia/Ajdovscina. In the Comenius Project we went to Danilo Lokar School in Slovenia. All the days we did something, for example on Tuesday we had a traditional welcome from the first and second grade. Then the teachers and the headmaster showed us the school. After that we all hiked up to the spring of the Havelji River. Next we went back to town and looked around in a galery. There was a big stone collection. When it was dark we came home in our hotel. We enjoyed all our activities and it was a wonderful time!

German caretakers take care of those who cant eat, shower, walk or aren’t able to do daily exercises. Mostly all of them do their job voluntarily but there are a few, for example those who work in a hospital or go to their clients home, who work for money.

There are 30.000 caretakers missing in Germany. Our employement centre is trying to reskill jobless person, but their success is little. 86% of all caretakers in Germany are women. The government is searching for nurses internationally. 21.000 caretakers in Germany come from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovacia or Hungary.

However there are still to less firms, who educate young and interested men and girls. Our government now wants to establish more apprenticeships.


336px-Luftguete messstationIn Germany is the high air pollution a big point of Healthy for example the particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide polluting the air extremely. Especially near Streets the Air has high concentrations of particulate matter. Depending on the particle size the dust enters through the air in to the lung tubes differently deep.

Large parts are not harmless but not nearly as bad as the smaller which reach much deeper into the body and go into the bronchi and bronchioles and damage them.  

This is a Hygienic air monitoring system in Germany. It testing the air how much particulate matter is in the Air. Luftguete messstation.jpg   Auhor: Dschwen     Website: Wikipedia

Robin Lewitzki   Wilma-Rudolph-Oberschule


food germany

German people know better but still eat unhealthy. The most common thing they say is that they don’t have enough time to indulge a full nutritious meal. Not only do they not have enough time, but they also eat to fast caused by theshort time they have to eat. Ontop of that, during breaks the german society does not drink enough, because they fear not having enough timeto go to the toilet.

One out of two germans,which is half of the german population, do not have enough time to eat a full meal in break time. Four out of ten people in Germany will eat a canned meal or frozen pizza at least two times a week. Also 23,3% of the men in Germany are overweight, and 23,9% of the women.

by Georgina

Backen HefezopfWhat is kosher food?

  • Kosher is a food direction especially made for Jews
  • The word "Kosher" is from the Hebrew language and means suitable
  • Many of the orthodox Jews choose their food in this direction
  • The Jews think that Moses wrote the kosher direction into the Torah
  • Kosher separate milk and meat in their meals
  • In several shops you can buy cutlery for milk or a meat meal
  • I think it is important have a tradition, that you can do if you want to, but not to be forced to do it
  • There are about 130.000 orthodox Jews in Berlin

The most important things for the European Past are the First World War and the Second World War. Countries federated in groups and gang up against other groups of countries.

The First World War was from 1914 to 1918. In total there were about 8.7 Million war dead. The Second World War was from year 1939 to 1945. In this six years were about 80 Million war dead, much more than in the First World War. Illnesses spread around Europe, people lost parts of their body, their friends,
family, home and job. They started to hate each other, but people also were scared, sad and desperate. Time to time, Europe was broken.

But then the Second World War was end, everybody was alleviated, but also shocked. They start to believe in a better life, built their houses new, try to start a reboot. Slowly their lives turn back to normal..


Isabel Buchmann

File:Soy-whey-protein-diet.jpgDifferences to meat eaters: A well planned vegetarian diet can provide adequate protein, iron, zinc, vitamin B12 and calcium, though these nutrients can be low in poorly  planned vegetarian diets.Evidence suggests that vegetarians have lower rates of coronary heart disease, obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, though they also tend to be more educated, more wealthy, and more health-occupied than meat eaters.Vegetarian diets tend to be rich in carbohydrates, omega-6 fatty acids, dietary fibre, carotenoids, vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium and magnesium. They are generally low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and animal protein.

The music culuture in Germany is quite old, musicians like Johann Sebastian Bach shaped the muFile:Sommernachtstraum MUC 2013 10.JPGsic very  early. Students from all over the world flow to the music colleges. Famous germman musicians are Herbert Grönemayer, Nena, Rammstein, Xavier Naido, Bushido, Tokio Hotel and Adel Tawil. Also in the club scence Germany offers many trendy locations.

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/89/Paul_van_Dyk_DJing.jpgWith Sven Väth, the "Godfather of Thechno" and Paul van Dyk Germany has two famous stars of club scence. In my opinion Germany lost in recent years, world famous musician, and of course we have musicians like bushido, but they usually can not be compared  with people like eminem. Also there are in Germany many bad battle rap.Especially young rapper think through gangster rap to gain fame.

Emil Kämmer, 9.2


Photographs:  Paul van Dyk (orginal uploader was xtoph100), Nena (Original author was Michael Movchin)

The Political environment and Economic environment are connected with each other. The Political environment is in any country and at any time is the result of the political system. The Political stability and the stable government, law and order situations, press and media etc. are the main reasons of political environment. Favorable political environment is necessary for the survival and rapid development of business organizations and for this, political stability is important.Business is highly affected due to political environment.This may create problems or this may bring new chances to entrepreneurs. Political environment may be favorable or either it may be unfavorable.Businessmen must accept and adjust their plans and policies accordingly because business and politics are inseparable. 

-Leandra März

800px-Youth-soccer-indianaThe sport is very important for the german youth many children play FIFA 14 it's a virtual football simulator. In school it is like if you like a club very much but the most of the other children don't you can fast get an outsider but you can get friends, who like the same club like you. The Bundsliga is one of the best leagues in the world this year two german teams were in the final of the champions league that never happened before. Half of the german puplic goes to sport once a week at least 1 and a half hour. The government really supports the sport with the marathon and collecting money when people un for a good reason like spending the money to africa. people say that it is important to get children in a team to promote the teamwork the healthy lifestyle and the coaches should motivate the children to make them get self-confidence and they have less aggressivness

 Max Oppert






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